We currently offer two services for our clients.

We developed a network of service providers that help employees and a program that reduces drama in the workplace. We help organizations save money by improving workplace culture and retention.


SEEC Network

Your organization can be connected to the Three to the Third SEEC (Social, Emotional, Economic Challenges) network of support resources for only a few dollars per employee per month.  The SEEC network consists of affordable resources that all employees can utilize.

The SEEC Network can be used in addition to your existing EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) or as a stand-alone support option.

In addition to connecting your employees to affordable help, our team also connects individually with them to encourage them to take action and maneuver through the process of getting help.

If an organization has a desire to improve retention and workplace culture in an even more impactful way, Three to the Third can partner with your managers to help equip them to make  noticeable changes. We can create a custom affordable plan for you through our DFW (Drama-Free Workplace) Program where you are only charged when there is proven retention savings.  


DFW (Drama Free Workplace) Program

DFW (Drama-Free Workplace) partners help you create a culture that is positive and fun, even during stressful and challenging times. We help equip managers and their core team to reduce workplace negativity and conflict. We help them change negative concerns into strategies and solutions for improvement.

Reducing negativity to improve work culture and retention is the goal. As always, when we help your team meet this goal, your organization will experience improved performance and a significant reduction in absenteeism and turnover costs.

A stronger commitment to your organization and thousands of dollars in retention savings are the benefits for your organization and employees.