About Our Organization

Three to the Third LLC helps equip your leadership team to take action to improve retention and commitment to your organization.  

Our mission is to help organizations show value to their employees by connecting them to help for social, emotional and economic challenges (SEEC) through our network of resources.

Our vision is to make a positive impact in organizations throughout our CommUnity.

Our method is to create a bridge to services and coaches that help your managers improve their retention, commitment, and performance.

Our Core Values

Fun - We encourage partner organizations and clients to incorporate fun into their work environments and make that a priority at Three to the Third.

Compassionate - Being considerate and having the ability to understand the adversity of others promotes trust and encourages people to be open and honest about the help they need.

Diversity - America is a melting pot of culture, age and ideas. We are a large community of individuals that value different skin, ages, intellect, talents and years.

Balance - Organizations that encourage employees to take care of critical personal and family needs when needed create stronger commitments to their jobs and to your corporate vision.

Respect - We have a great admiration for each organization’s unique culture and show honor to each person’s individual contributions to that culture and vision.

Positivity - Being optimistic increases performance. Positivity improves success and makes us resilient.  We help develop solutions and strive to brighten the days of those that we work with.

Stewardship - We will model strong ethical behavior, practice responsible planning and manage the resources entrusted to us with the utmost integrity.